[LUAU] New IP KVM that doesn't discriminate against Linux users

Brian Chee chee at hawaii.edu
Sat Apr 18 12:56:25 PDT 2009

Hi gang,
I just wanted to highlight a new IP KVM (Keyboard-video-mouse) unit that is
dramatically less expensive and Linux friendly for both remote access and
host access. So this needs perspective, and the previous units from folks
like Avocent and Raritan are designed for the data center and are tightly
integrated into power control, remote serial console, IPMI/iLO/DRAC service
processor control and other kewl things. However, this level of integration
comes at a price and most of these types of units start in the $6,000 range
and sky¹s the limit. One of my complaints over the years is how to provide
ipkvm access for small to medium size businesses that need to run their own
servers, but don¹t need the enterprise grade bells and whistle integration
of the other guys.

Adder now has a unit that goes away from the proprietary active-x or java
plug in¹s for browsers and instead let¹s VNC do the heavy lifting. At $1295
for 16 ports this still isn¹t cheap, but 1/3 the price of what you¹d have to
pay from Avocent or Raritan. The dongles are connected by CATx cable up to
10 meters away and the dongles are about $150/each. The unit allows 2 remote
VNC users and a single physical console user. It does have an optional power
control module and the cleverest option is that you can use a second unit,
tie them together with a sync cable and do dual head KVM switching.


I¹m not sure when my InfoWorld story on this unit will post...but you folks
now have the gist above...

/brian chee

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