Samba Question

jeff z-man at
Fri Jan 21 03:40:06 PST 2000

Actually I am using vmware to access them. I am not using their samba
server setup but my own. I am sitting on the same subnet as the virtual
machine and can access all the other win98 machines around me just not
the NT share with the virtual machine or smb client.  I had been reading
the responses and some articles about submount.  I don't know if it
would help in this situation. I get that dredded IPC$ pop-up when I try
to access it from inside my windows virtual machine.  No problem with
win98 machines though and smbpasswords have been assigned and encrypt
passwords=yes.  Any suggestions.  Jeff

On Tue, 2002-02-19 at 06:00, Todd Lee wrote:
> How were you trying to access them?  What kind of errors were you getting?
> Does it tell you access denied or share not found?  Are you using smbclient
> or smbmount?  Just wondering, maybe we can narrow down the problem.  I think
> smbclient needs netbios over tcp enabled to work.  You might want to try
> enabling it and seeing if it works, not too sure though...
> todd
> Hi,  I have a small peer-to-peer network setup with a samba server included
> in the network.  I can browse and access all the machines and shares on them
> from  my samba server except the NT machine which I can browse but can't
> access any of the shares from.   Is there a setting in the smb.conf to fix
> this?  I can access the NT share from other 95 and 98 machines.  Could use
> all ideas.
> Thanks,
> Jeff Zidek
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